30 Hours and Counting
Silver... Silver Lake

Silver… Silver Lake


…down! We’re so happy that we were able to visit Yosemite on the weekend before its 123rd birthday a mere thirty hours before the government shut down all national parks!

We have both met many people through Google+, together and separately. On the last weekend in September, this spur-of-the-moment trip to Yosemite was sparked by Eddy and Chris Rademaker’s nine-week USA trek all the way from Australia. Thanks to them both for inviting us to meet up! This is exactly what we hope to do on a regular basis when our adventure begins.

We both realize that we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel full-time, see this great country and meet many people along the way who share similar interests to ours. We still are uncertain when we will officially begin. If you subscribe to our blog or follow us on Google+, you’ll be the first to know and hopefully contact us if we’re headed your way.

This post marks the beginning of regular blog posting here! I hope to post at least weekly, perhaps more. In the coming weeks, I will be highlighting people we have personally met with the intent of expanding this as we meet even more people!

Look out for who will be first… and thank you for visiting our page!

El Capitan

El Capitan



Obstacle or Opportunity?

Life’s lemons: for us, the main obstacle we’ve had to starting our adventure has been attempting to get my surgery scheduled. One complication after another has caused delays. I think we’re finally getting nearer to having this behind us!

However, this presented us an opportunity we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise: a chance to spend more than a month in the Bay Area, since we can’t leave northern California right now. I don’t know that we would have seen and photographed nearly as much as of this beautiful area if we hadn’t been forced to stay. We might have already been out of California, rushing from one place to another to get notches in our travel belt. Instead, we’ve been able to photograph so many wonderful places here, like the ones below!

What I want to know, however, is: who stole the fog that is frequently so prevalent here?! Whoever you are, ‘fess up and bring it back! I want a photo of the Golden Gate with fog! You’re more than welcome to accompany us while we get those shots! In fact, that would be even better if some of our online friends could join us on a shooting expedition before we head back north. If you’re interested, please drop a comment here or use the contact form.

The young cresent moon

Crescent moon over San Francisco


Famous Ladies

Famous Painted Ladies, San Francisco

Get your feet wet

Get you feet wet

Perhaps I should say don’t be AFRAID to get your feet wet or put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to get your shot. Both Pam and I had managed to catch the flu while here in the Bay area so there has been a bit of a lull in Odyssey activity. We were sequestered in our little home for about a week but all is good now. Once we were feeling better we were anxious to go out shooting again. We saw there would be a few clouds for sunset on what has been an otherwise cloudless January here in San Francisco. So we wandered to the Lands End area where the ruins of the Sutro Bath are found. This shot is something I’ve wanted to get for some time now. So when I saw the clouds and the setting sun I literally ran down past the ruins to the beach. In fact it was lucky I did run since I just managed to beat another guy to this prime foreground rock. So here’s how I made the shot. I watched the waves and saw this rock was regularly being washed by the wave activity but not to the point of being submerged. I opened up my tripod legs to the wide stance position so I could place it in the sand and know that the waves would not likely topple it over. I set my camera to the 2 second delay on the shutter and waited. When I saw an incoming wave I pressed the shutter and stepped back so I didn’t ‘t even really have to get my feet wet. I love how the flowing water is captured in the .8 second photo to add contrast to the sharp rock. I hope you like it too!

You can see in the behind the scenes photo below I did not need to put my body or expensive camera in harm’s way but just close enough to get the action! Now go out there and get you feet wet! And please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you just want to tell us what you think!

Get you feet wet BTS


Boy I have to tell you I thought we would be out shooting our butts off every day. Well I was just a bit off on that estimate. It turns out living full time in an RV is just as much work as maintaining a normal home. Perhaps a bit more since I have to be mindful of the sewer system and I have to keep an eye on and refill my propane supply about every week. I hope you can learn from our experience and if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and help you in any way we can.

Today we spent the afternoon and evening shooting around the Presidio and Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. It was a great day in that it has been the warmest day in about the last month. Here’s a nice shot from the Palace of Fine Arts during blue hour. For some more shots click on the image and check out our gallery of shots from the San Francisco area. And again, if you have any comments or questions please let us know. We will be more than happy to answer them!

Palace at blue hour

Thanks for reading!

First Stop
Golden Gate Bridge at dusk.

Golden Gate Bridge at dusk.

At long last, the Odyssey has finally begun! After much ado – moving everything into our new home and getting appointments scheduled – we hit the road on Wednesday, January 9, for the first official f/Stop Odyssey trip to the Bay Area. On Thursday, we had our first (mini) photowalk with two of our Google+ friends, Brian Spence and Greg Mitchell.

We are off to a great start and hoping to meet up with more G+ photographers in the coming weeks. Our current plan is to be here until January 23 then potentially move south to the Santa Cruz area. If you are in the Bay Area and would like to get together, please contact us or leave a comment below. If you have ideas of where to shoot the Bay, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re both very excited to finally be underway. Feel free to follow us here or on Google+ – and vicariously share our adventure!


Hi John here. I wanted to share a slightly different perspective of the bridge and city with a little light painting fun to make it interesting. I hope you like it.

Stop Dreaming

Mobile Workstation
 Now that’s what I call a mobile workstation!


If you read our last post you’ll understand why there hasn’t been much odysseying yet but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle. Pam and I are not much into TV. We’re in to making pretty pictures which means a lot of computer time. We wanted to have our full size workstation for all that editing. So with a minor bit of customization the entertainment center in the trailer will be our computer desk! You can’t see in this picture but behind the chair is a cabinet that will hold the CPU and a small folding table will fit nicely below the monitor shelf for a keyboard and mouse. So we’ll be ready for all the Lightroom work without the hassle of a tiny laptop screen. So I say go big or go home! Wait… This is our home. Done and done!

Thanks for reading!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING from f/Stop Odyssey!!

We wanted to update everyone on why our trailer is still in dry dock – wait, that’s a nautical term. Oh well… We had hoped to be sailing the open road by now. However, there are issues that require attention first. Pam requires surgery before the long-term adventure can get underway. Without getting into the boring details, suffice it to say that getting the necessary referrals took longer than we anticipated. She finally saw a surgeon last week, but will require an MRI and another visit with the surgeon post-MRI before the surgery can be scheduled. We really won’t know much more until she sees the surgeon again, because it’s all dependent on the MRI results.

We do, however, plan to make short trips between doctor appointments, if possible. We hope to get to the Bay Area before too long. We also hope that we can make the photowalk to Death Valley in December. It is all entirely dependent on Pam’s medical appointments, but we hope to plan those accordingly. Please keep a close eye on our G+ page and blog, because things may change quickly.

We are just as anxious as everyone else (Well perhaps a bit more actually!!) to get this show on the road and will keep you apprised. Meanwhile, we will continue to keep shooting when we can, wherever we go.  Sorry we got everyone excited about an adventure that is now being relegated to the not-too-distant future. Please let us know your thoughts because we love to hear from all of you and are happy to answer your questions.

A Tour

Let’s take a tour of our new home. Since we are fast approaching the holidays, a time of feasting, we thought it might be appropriate to begin the tour in our kitchen. Have we mentioned that we both love to eat? Also, we’ll both eat just about anything! Undoubtedly, we will be spending a great deal of our “home” time either in the kitchen or at our beautiful dining table.



A few steps back, you see both the living area and the kitchen. On the right is John’s recliner. He claimed it the first time we looked at the trailer, even before we knew we would be buying this one. The sofa folds out with an inflatable mattress so we can have visitors. Continuing clockwise, there’s the dining table, the top of which John made with the help of his brother Mark, because the one that was there when we bought it had seen its best days long before we found it! Thanks so much, Mark!

Living-dining room

Looking the opposite direction, you see where we removed a television from the entertainment center. This will become our work station that will house the computer. John is working on some modifications to making things work better: a slide for the monitor (or two?) and another for the keyboard. Since we will be traveling photographers, it’s imperative that we have a good place to work! There is more to full-time travel than meets the eye!

Living room

An east-west bedroom – as they’re known in the RV world – tends to have a lot more storage. Since we’ll be traveling to varied climates across the U.S., we do like having enough space for our gear. It’s still cozy though!


Finally, one thing that held our attention about this unit was the bathroom! The shower is one of the best we saw: taller than many; door instead of a curtain; and ample room.


All things considered, there really isn’t a lot of space in a 30-foot travel trailer, but we feel like they made great use of every available inch in ours. We both had to sell and/or donate a lot in order to fit, but we will gain so many rich experiences in the months ahead that it is well worth it! Please tell us what you think! We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you on our odyssey!

And so it begins…

Well things are moving along nicely for us as we begin the first steps of our odyssey. We purchased our new home, a 30-foot travel trailer. Someday soon we will give you a tour; she’s very nice! It has already been a bit of an adventure learning how to hook and tow our giant home on wheels.

She is enjoying some spa time as we give her a thorough cleaning. Currently, she is resting for the journey ahead on the grounds of the beautiful Cielo Estate Winery ( Many thanks to our good friends Bill and Carrie, owners of one of the most beautiful wineries in the Sierra foothills for allowing us to keep her there as we get her into shape for the odyssey!

The good news is we are almost finished cleaning our new home! Pam managed to catch John under the cabinet today, and couldn’t resist the urge to get a somewhat compromising photo. Soon it will be time to load her with our belongings and provision her with food and hit the road on our very first exciting adventure!

For an exterior view of the trailer, be sure to check out our About page.

John cleaning…

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